Volvo "Split"
director: Andreas Nillson | Folke
Awarded Bronze for Cinematography at Cannes Lions 2014
Awarded Silver for Cinematography in Film Craft Category & Bronze for Cinematography in Branded Entertainment Category at the NY Festivals International Advertising Awards
Shortlist of Cinemtography at the AICP Awards 2014
Awarded Bronze for Cinematography at the ADC Awards in Miami 2014
Awarded Silver for Cinematography at the ANDY awards 2014

'Arkangel' Black Mirror
The Wilds
'Arkangel' Black Mirror
Fleming -The Man who would be Bond
Rocketman (additional photography)
Director: Dexter Fletcher | Paramount

Rocketman (additional photography)
BT Faster
welcome to the punch
London Has Fallen
Fleming -The Man who would be Bond
gatorade 'Sweat machine'
milka "first bite"
directors : The Argentines | Bold
Suzuki Vitara 'Everything and More'
director: Austen Humphries | Rattling Stick
Stella Artois, Buy a Lady a Drink
directors: Bob Partington and Tim Brown | prod. co: 1st Avenue Machine
Stella Artois
the guardian "aftermath"
director: Jeff Lowe | prod: Biscuit
the guardian
BBC `God Only Knows`
Red Bee | BBC Concert Orchestra & Various Artists
(Shared cinematography credit)
BBC 'God only knows'
Break the Routine
Relentless - Xavier
Blithe Spirit
Chalet Girl
Director: Phil Traill | Prod: Pippa Cross, Harriet Rees
Chalet girl
Biffy Clyro
Take That
Utah Saints
director: Eran Creavy | between the eyes
Utah Saints
Bloc Party "Hunting witches"
director: One and Three | Colonel Blimp
Bloc Party
Badly Drawn Boy
director: One and Three | Colonel Blimp
Badly Drawn Boy
80s B-Line Matchbox Disaster "celebrate your mother"
director: JT | Sledge
80s B-Line Matchbox Disaster
Welcome to the Punch (Opening Scene)
director: Ed Creavy | Production: Brian Kavanaugh-Jones, Automatik
Welcome to the Punch (Opening Scene)
director: Eran Creavy | prod: Between the Eyes
director: John York | Fold 7
ministry of sound
ministry of sound
director: Toby Dye | RSA
Compare the market "steve sleeps"
director: Tim Hope | Passion Pictures
Compare the market



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DP Ed Wild learnt his craft on the job. He moved from shooting stills on fashion shoots to commercials and videos. He won best cinematography award for short Roar in 2010 in Aspen. Features include British indie hit Shifty in 2008, thrillers London Has Fallen, Collide and Welcome to the Punch and 2011's hit British romantic comedy Chalet Girl.

Ed's TV work includes Fleming tracing back 007 creator Ian Fleming's early life set against the permissive society of war-torn WWII London, and Warrior, set in San Francisco's Chinatown in the aftermath of the American Civil War.

Away from film, Ed is also a national rowing champion!